Benefit Flawless Complexion Makup kit

Ever wished for a book that would tell you ‘How to look the best at everything’? One sleek all rounder kit that was easy to carry and could be your on-the-go kit. If you have pondered over the question, look no further. ‘Benefit’ might just have granted your wish. Enter the Benefit Cosmetic’s complexion perfector kit. A life saver for those who struggle to match their foundation with their skin complexion. Its shape like a book carrying a question on the cover and answer to that question within, the kit not only contains good products but also its presentation exudes the once-upon-a-time feel. 


Product Description

It comes with one of Benefit’s highest rated products: the Pore-fessional primer. I know a lot of people swear by it and they have all the reasons to. The other products included within the kit are a correction liquid concealer and two cream concealers along with a compact powder. Here’s a short breakup of what they actually do:


a) The Pore-fessional primer : A MUST buy if you want your foundation to last for ages. Yes, ages! And it does, until you use a makeup wipe to rub that off your face. Your foundation will not move, nor will it fade(Believe me!). Works best after having moisturised you face before priming. Get it now, thank me later.

b) Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow brightening makeup : Don’t exactly know what has Oxygen supposed to do with it, but it does fade out the hash makeup lines on the creases of your face. The trick always is obviously to blend blend blend.

c) O2 and O3 boing concealers : I wouldn’t say that these are the best under eye concealers that exist, but I guess they would work okay if you don’t have a lot of under eye circles. The instruction says both O2 and O3 need to be mixed in order to get that perfect conceal, however,  it is a little difficult to blend with the given consistency. Maybe mixing it up with a liquid concealer will do the trick. Honestly, I never tried.

d) Compact powder (doesn’t have a name underneath it) : It is a high coverage setting powder to set everything in place, after having applied foundation. If you want a dewy look, you might probably skip this step.But just in case you want a matt effect or an extreme high coverage, you may use this in abundance. I would say you can use this directly right after priming instead of the foundation(incase you’re in a rush or something).

e) Applicator brush : They have probably provided the tiniest brush ever to pump up the cuteness. Not much effective but gets the job done when it comes to travelling. Bristles could have been softer though, unless you want to brush makeup off your face. 😛

The inner part of the flap contains a few tips and tricks to get that perfect flawless skin, and obviously, you need to go sequentially from step (a) to step (d). The instruction booklet opens up to reveal a secret mirror(Abracadabra!). The flap is magnetic as well, thereby reducing the chances of the products falling out of the box.



  • Oxybenzone
  • SPF 25 PA+++ (Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow)
  • SPF15 (Compact Powder)



  • Comes in 3 ranges for all kinds of complexion: Fair, Medium and Dark
  • Contains SPF
  • A not-so-heavy, fairly large mirror (yeah, I judge products on the basis of the mirror :P)
  • Benefit Pore-fessional primer (Nuff said! :P)
  • Lightweight and Sleek packaging with reduced chances of the products getting displaced
  • No parabens or harmful chemicals
  • Compact powder is quite buildable, depending on whether you want a dewy look or a matte look


The only con is probably the amount of quantity provided, I would say that is a bit less when compared to the price tag. But then, each individual product is available separately and you can repurchase your favourite from the store.



3000 INR at Sephora.

My Opinion

I am absolutely in LOVE with the primer (did I say that enough?), the concealers are not too impressive though they have provided two colour variants to mix and match. The compact powder is good for setting makeup on places like the T-zone where it tends to get oily throughout the day. The Oxygen Wow liquid product promises to reduce harsh makeup lines specially on the creases on the face.

My Rating



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Get review, I’ve been looking at trying this but not too sure whether it’s worth the money ahah x


    1. boredweekends says:

      You can give the primer a try, hope u wont be disappointed. 🙂 X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay great thankyou x


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